Emerging Computer Application Courses Can Give You Cutting-Edge in IT Careers

In this era, technology is driving meteoric innovation in industry, culture, society, communication and environment through computer, mobile, TV, internet among others things. A plethora of career opportunities are emerging in this field to support this phenomenal growth.


B. Tech engineers, especially from IT and Computer Science fields are preferred for their in-depth and broad-based technology-oriented job roles in this sector. However, BCA graduates on the other hand are more focused on developing their programming skills to create efficient and optimized softwares, websites, cloud and mobile applications. Consequently, BCA graduates are more industry-ready resources for IT and Software Companies to meet the massive demand of IT consumption in the modern era.


So, the good news is, an aspiring IT professional need not necessarily be an engineering graduate. A candidate with a 3 years degree in BCA can also pursue successful careers in the IT industry and related businesses.


In this article, let us explore some career prospects for computer application graduates:


Computer Programmer:

If you have an analytical mind and a knack for studying different computer languages with a passion for writing codes, you can become a computer programmer. A BCA degree can help you master some of the contemporary computer languages including C, C++, Java, VC++, RDBMS, ORACLE to readily fit varied types of industry requirements and improve your employability factor. With proper grooming, you can become a software developer, mobile applications developer, web developer, embedded firmware developer among several other choicest streams of software development.


Database Administrator:

Different industries, including service sectors like healthcare and hospitality also heavily rely on Database Administrators for efficient management and monitoring of their information assets like customer details, records and more. Database administrators also help businesses to maintain their information privacy, integrity, deliver target marketing services and design responsive business strategies. In order to serve this purpose, software analysts, programmers and IT managers are hired by companies from multiple sectors to collate information, analyze reports for planning, reference and communications purposes.


Systems Analyst:

Today IT professionals require special skill-sets for analysis, design and implementation of information systems to address different organizational issues, assist in sustainability and long-term organizational improvements.


Multimedia Application Developer:

A craze for video games is trending among the millennials and next generation netizens. If you have an analytical mind with a creative flair, game development can become an ideal profession for you. In the process of developing innovative gaming video softwares, over and above the necessary skill-sets of a software designer, you also need the ability to develop interesting story lines, character biographies, conduct design reviews and role-play mechanics, create prototypes for staff and management and finally detailed documentation of the entire process.


Network Administrator:

A BCA graduate can also fit the job requirement of a network administrator, to determine an organization’s overall systems requirements. Network administrators also make necessary upgrades and repairs, maintain security, interpret and solve network problems, evaluate and optimize network performance.


User Interface (UI) Designer:

The role of User Interface (UI) designers has evolved to match the requirements of advanced digital communication ecosystem. UI designers enhances user experience in the digital and online landscape.They also work closely with the visual design specialists to understand their vision and ensure a page by page implementation for optimized user experience with adept understanding of front-end development and efficient coding skills.


Business Analyst:

If you are a BCA candidate with business acumen, Business Analyst is just the profession for you. You will be able to easily connect the companies’ IT capabilities with its business objectives. In today’s complex business environment, a Business Analyst can successfully contribute towards an organization’s adaptability, agility and ability to align with constant change through innovation.


DTP or Desktop Publishing:

Today, we take the help of technology to design attractive layouts for printed materials like books, leaflets, brochures and magazines. A BCA graduate can opt for desktop publishing also known as DTP operation to efficiently use the photo-imaging software for producing attractive publications.


Work as an entrepreneur:

A competent professional in the field of computer applications can easily work as consultants or open up IT service firms where they can offer different software development services like website development, app development and gaming applications.

So, we can see that a BCA degree can open up a host of interesting career choices owing to astounding growth in the IT and ITES sectors in India and abroad. In fact, emergence of online shopping has led to millions of job opportunities for IT and software professionals. If you can team up the BCA degree with an MCA degree then it strengthens your career profile and broadens your professional horizon.


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