Career Opportunities After Completing Hotel Management Course

With a career in Hospitality Management, you get the opportunity to travel and work abroad as well as meet celebrities and get featured on reality TV Shows. There are multiple opportunities in the Hospitality Industry, no wonder increasing number of students are pursuing their career in the industry.
Here are some of the lucrative career opportunities

1. Accommodation Manager
As an accommodation manager, you have to plan and administer the business as well as control the budget. Accommodation managers are responsible for the efficient running of the hotel. Some of the key responsibilities of an accommodation manager include:

  • Making sure the establishment runs smoothly, which includes the safety and well- being of clients.
  • Overseeing the repair and maintenance of the hotel.

2. Catering Manager
Catering managers are responsible for everyday catering operations, including ensuring prompt service. The role of a catering manager may vary with the size of the business. Larger hotels require catering managers to oversee other managers and plan accordingly.

A catering manager is required to:

  • Manage food and beverage for functions.
  • Recruit and train workers.
  • Manage the financial aspects of the business.
  • Manage payrolls and expenses.

3. Chef
When it comes to the proper functioning of any hotel, chefs play a crucial role. Chefs have one of the best careers; they get the opportunity to work in different national and international hotel chains, meet celebrities, and get featured on reality TV shows.

Chefs oversee the entire team of cooks of a hotel. Apart from planning day-to-day recipes and training cooks, they review food and beverage purchases. A chef may also prepare the menu of a restaurant/hotel.


4. Entrepreneurship
You can open up your own restaurant/hotel or team up with hoteliers and start a hotel chain after having gained sufficient experience working in the hospitality industry. There are several perks of being a hotelier; you can build good rapport with celebrities, politicians, and other renowned personalities. You can also win awards and be recognized for the success of your restaurant/hotel.


5. Teaching
By gaining years of experience working in the hospitality industry, you can become a teacher in a hotel management college. Being a teacher, you can share your experiences with aspiring students and help them become successful in the industry.
A career in teaching itself has lots of opportunities; you can be promoted to become the HOD (Head of Department) of the college.


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