6 Tips To Start Your Career in Media

If there’s one fun and creative career, then it’s media. Being a media professional has a lot of perks; you get to travel and meet new people. But most importantly, you get to work on your creativity and show it to the world.

Interested in starting your career in media? Here are some tips to help you get going:

1. Pursue media science course
There’s no better way to nurture and build your creative skills than to pursue media science course. This field of education prepares you to rigorously learn about different aspects of media including advertising, public relations, communications, film making and electronic media.
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2. Attend events
Attending different events not just helps you gain more knowledge and experience, but also gives you the opportunity to connect with people who are experts in the media field.

3. Being active on social media channels
Popular social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn provide great opportunity to connect and build networks with experts. Apart from engaging and learning from these people, you may even stand a chance to get hired by them!
Recruiters often lay emphasis on how active the candidate has been on his/her social media profiles.

4. Getting an internship
Give your creative skills a boost by joining an internship. There’s nothing quite like it when you have the opportunity to get a hands-on experience in the industry you want to get into. Plus, most recruiters look for candidates who have gained practical experience through an internship.

5. Get blogging or vlogging
Starting your own blog or vlog helps you learn more and hone your creative skills. Even slow and few updates will show your creativity to the world.

6. Show initiative
Use your talent to evolve into that “go-to person” whom others can rely upon. Be ever ready to do things in an interesting and unusual manner. Create your own style. A good approach never goes unnoticed.