6 TED Videos Every MBA Student Should Watch

TED Talks are great sources of useful insights for MBA students. In the ever-competitive world of business, it’s important for business students to learn the important skills that successful people across generations have mastered.


Here are 6 TED videos every MBA student should watch to learn those skills:

1. Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action?
This video is undoubtedly one of the best TED Talks. In the video, Simon Sinek presents jaw-dropping insights using examples of successful leaders including Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers.
Simon Sinek demonstrates the “golden circle” andshares how great leaders think and inspire action.This video is sure to change the way you think.

Watch the video here:

2. Richard St John- 8 Secrets of Success
What leads to success? Smartness? Hardwork? Luck? A small girl once asked Richard, “What leads to success?” Richard couldn’t answer the girl at the very moment, but he went on to ask over 500 successful for the reasons behind their success.
The result? Richard unveils the 8 elements: Passion, Work, Good, Focus, Push, Serve, Ideas, and Persist.

Watch the video for more:


3. Sheryl Sandberg- Why we have too few women leaders?
Sheryl Sandberg, a prominent name in the technological world, sheds light on the conundrums of gender inequality in the corporate world – “Women are not making it to the top of any profession anywhere in the world.”
She shares several pointers that are great insights and motivation for any woman.

Watch the video here:

4. Steven Johnson- Where good ideas come from?
You must have come across several leaders talking about how your ideas can make big impact and even change the world. But where do such ideas come from and why only few people can think of powerful ideas? Steven Johnson, in this video, shares a simple yet effective strategy – that is to build a pool of resources within yourself which you can use as building blocks to come up with game-changing ideas.

Watch the video here:


5. Julian Treasure- Five ways to listen better
Listening is one of the most important aspects of effective learning and communication. Julian Treasure, in this video, talks about impatience and insensitiveness being some of the biggest reasons as to why we, as a society, are losing listening quality. He starts his lecture with a strong message, “We are losing our listening.”

Watch this video to improve your listening skill:


6. Amy Cuddy- Your body language may shape who you are
We communicate non-verbally a lot. When pursuing MBA, you have to participate in class presentations, interviews, and even brainstorming sessions. Your body language can influence the outcomes you desire.

Watch this eye-opening TED Talk of Amy Cuddy and learn how to correct your body language:


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