6 Skills Employers Look for in MBA Students

Successfully completing your MBA is one feat, landing your dream job is another. What do employers look for while hiring? This is the one question that concerns every student starting out in his/her career.

Fortunately for MBA students, we have listed down the 6 skills employers prioritise in the quest to hire the right candidates:

1) Leadership skills

A good leadership quality is essential for a manager to ensure efficient communication and workflow between subordinates. A manager, having a good leadership skill, is able to inspire and motive team members, make them feel valued by appreciating/rewarding their efforts, and give a sense of direction to the whole undertaking (project).
A manager with a good leadership quality doesn’t hesitate walking the extra mile to ensure project deadlines are met.

2) Communication skills

Smooth and clear communication is the key to ensure proper workflow in any organization. Fortunately, you can develop and hone good communication skills in your MBA course. Working in diverse groups to solve problems using effective communication is a part of MBA learning.

3) Entrepreneurial skills

Employers value MBA students having good entrepreneurial skills. Organisations value entrepreneurial skills such as technical understanding, creativity, and understanding of market trends.

4) Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is highly valued in any organization. If you have the ability to envision the future of an organization, come up with strategies and models to get there while surpassing competitors, then you might find yourself in high demand.

5) Interpersonal skills

If there’s one set of skills that top employers’ wishlists, then it is interpersonal skills. Some of the interpersonal skills employers prioritise include assertiveness, listening skills, decision-making, problem-solving, being proactive, and teamwork.

6) Networking skills

MBA graduates with good networking skills have higher chances of getting hired by employers. Networking is crucial to any business; MBA graduates who can network with people and build good relationships to push the business forward tick right in employers’ checklist.

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