Student Membership

New student has to fill up the membership form (membership form can be obtained from library), attaching therewith two stamp size colour photographs and submit the form to the librarian.


Staff Membership

New faculty has to fill up the membership form (membership form can be obtained from library), attaching therewith two stamp size colour photographs, photocopy of appointment letter and submit the form to the librarian.


Loss of Membership Card

A charge of Rs 100.00 (one hundred only) is payable by members for issue of duplicate Identity Card cum Library Card on damage or loss of card. A copy of General Diary from nearest police station is also required.


Membership Privileges

Category No of Books Duration
Faculty 10 150 days (no reissue)
Technical Assistant 07 150 days (no reissue)
Administrative Staff 05 150 days (no reissue)
Student 04      (General) 30 days   (no reissue)
03-06 (Book Bank) 150 days
Alumni 01 15 days   (no reissue)


Library Overdue Charge / Penalty

Type Amount
Overdue charge (general books) Rs. 2.00 per day / book
Overdue charges (book bank books) Rs. 5.00 per day / book
Loss of book Replacement by a new book (latest edition) + overdue charge


Termination / Suspension of Membership

  1. A pass-out or leaving member has to return the Library Card(s) to the Librarian and take the Library No Due Certificate;
  2. If any member is found misusing / mutilating / stealing / cutting pages then he / she may be referred to the competent authority / disciplinary committee for suitable action and membership could be terminated / suspended;
  3. Membership may be suspended or terminated on the decision of the librarian and the disciplinary committee.


  1. Users are advised to maintain silence in library;
  2. A student shall get one card that acts as College Identity Card as well as Library Identity Card. This card shall be issued at the beginning of First Year and shall hold good for four years (eight semesters). This is also returnable at the time of obtaining No Due Certificate or Library Clearance.
  3. A user shall use a book with care and shall not tear, underline, highlight, stain, fold or dog-ear the pages or disfigure a book in any way nor shall write any explanatory or other notes in it.
  4. While borrowing books a user shall satisfy him or her that, the book is in good condition. If not, inform immediately to any library personnel. If found damaged the last borrower shall be held responsible for the damage and he/she will be penalized.
  5. In event of loss of a book, a user shall report immediately in writing to the Librarian and replace the book by a same book (same title and author) either in compliance with the lost one or of latest edition.
  6. A book issued to a user may be recalled at any time in the event of exigencies.
  7. Books from Reference Section shall neither be taken out from there nor shall they be lent out.
  8. Loose journals, magazines and newspapers shall not be issued out on loan.
  9. Books borrowed from the library are not transferable from one account to another account and one user to user.
  10. A user while in the library shall maintain proper discipline including strict silence.
  11. A user shall enter into the library with their mobile phones switched off or in silent mode.
  12. Students without College cum Library Identity Card are liable to be denied entry into the library premises. College cum Library Identity Card is for individual use only.
  13. Students shall enter into the library with note books/exercise books only.
  14. Students shall put their name, signature, roll number, department on the register at the check-point with time-in and time-out.
  15. A student shall not keep any valuables inside their bags left at the baggage-rack at entrance gate.
  16. Users are expected to cooperate with the library staffs during the time of power failure.
  17. Management of Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata reserves the right to withdraw services at a short notice for unforeseen reason.