Semester wise Course Fee Break Up

Particulars Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Tuition Fee 1,15,000/- 1,15,000/- 1,15,000/- 1,15,000/-
Admission Fee
(One time only)
Development Fee
Total in INR 1,51,200/- 1,15,000/- 1,15,000/- 1,15,000/-

Application Fee Rs.1200/-. All payments are to be made EITHER in cash OR by Demand Draft, payable at Kolkata, drawn in favour of FUTURE BUSINESS SCHOOL. Both to be deposited ONLY at AXIS Bank Branch situated within the Institute Campus, through deposit form specified for the purpose.

The fee structure of MBA students are subject to change based on the Institute’s rule in force. Applicants are required to check the latest developments in this regard.

Semester Fee is payable by June 15 and December 15 – before the start of respective semesters except for Semester I. University Fee is to be paid at actuals, as and when due. The Course Fee, once paid, will not be refunded.