Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

4 years (8 semesters)
AICTE - Apex body of Government of India
Rs. 3,62,000

Vision & Mission


To develop the Department into a full-fledged centre of learning in various fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering, keeping in view of the latest academic and industrial developments.

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is committed:

  • To create knowledgeable and skilled person in Communication technologies with strong fundamentals, through rigorous teaching learning process that develops the ability to solve problems individually and in teams.
  • To create professional leaders in society with research attitudes in the core areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering to impact the quality of products required for industries./li>
  • To create competent man power with deep awareness of ethics and environment for sustainable development of Electronics and Communication Technologies. /li>


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Courses Offered

B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Course Details

Duration: 4 years (8 semesters) – Full Time Degree
Affiliation: AICTE & MAKAUT
Approved By: All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Government of India


PEO1: Our graduates will have the ability to adapt to the contemporary technologies in various fields of Engineering so as to cater to the needs of the society.

PEO2:Our graduates will have the ability to apply the knowledge gained from modern design methodologies to address current technical issues.

PEO3: Our graduates will emphasize on high degree of ethics and standards while executing multidisciplinary engineering projects oriented to various applications. They will exhibit considerations of economics, environment and societal values while executing such projects.


Programme Specific Objectives (PSOs)

PSO1:Apply science, engineering, mathematics etc. to solve complex electronics and communication engineering problems.

PSO2:Analyze and Design electronics and communication systems containing electrical or electronic devices, analog or digital, software and hardware using the significant analytical knowledge in Electronics & Communication Engineering with the application of modern tools.

PSO3: Should be able to associate the learning from the courses related to Electronic devices, Signal processing, Microwave, Microcomputers, Embedded and Communication Systems etc. to arrive at solutions to real world problems.



HOD Message

I welcome you all to the department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, FIEM. The department has a unique combination of quality conscious staff members with a strong sense of ethical and professional responsibilities. The departmental faculties work with excellent team spirit in different technical team like microwave, communication , signal processing and VLSI which leads to key research publications in these areas. All the laboratories are equipped with costly and most advanced apparatus and latest software tools & platforms. The aim of the department is to inculcate the much needed leadership qualities along with the integral technical education such that our students can be job creators rather than job seekers. Our department offers different hands on training , placement drives and foundation programs to establish a culture of teamwork and leadership qualities for achieving excellence in every walk of life. The outstanding performance of our alumni has enabled the department to maintain its reputation. I wish all the success to the students of this department.

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Our Faculties

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Students Achievements

  • Bitan Bhowmick, Samujjal Biswas, Subham Biswas, Utsab Roy and Riktam Basak

    Project Name : Automatic shopping trolley with the online billing system

    The main motive of the project is to ease the way of modernized shopping and the billing the process, not to stand in line for payment. Using RFID and XBEE technology the shopping carts made where the products would be kept and with the help of a mobile app the person can keep track of his bill for an online payment option. Details of each and every customer are kept in the database as they will be provided with a unique ID card, Such that, the payment process becomes more secured.These projects got in the TOP 3000 and received benefits worth of Rs. 50,000 each.The benefits include AMAZON Aws Services, IBM Cloud Services, 1year membership with TIE Delhi NCR and many more.

Faculties Achievements

  • Project Name:Colour strip-controlled home automation system

    Dr. Dipankar Ghosh, Head of the Department, ECE

    By image processing techniques along with Arduino, the project aims to control home appliances with colour strips given by the user which will be replaced by gesture in future. This acts as the input for the processing and detecting that microcontroller controls the sensors attached to it.

Placement Details

Electronic and software companies offer phenomenal job opportunities for the students from Electronics and Communication discipline. The Department grooms the candidates with optimal research and development opportunities in order to facilitate the students to devise modern day devices and equipments with ace interface and controlling technology.

Since the students are freshers in the corporates, they are also given multi-dimensional support in communication, leadership, soft-skill, interview skill development to enhance their employability factor. Our students have cracked placements both in core and IT sectors and successfully performed in national and multinational companies.

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Special Skill Certification

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Departmental Infrastructure

Solid State Devices Lab

EM Wave Tx. Line Lab

Digital Electronics Lab.

Control System Lab

Basic Electronics Engg.Lab

Analog Electronics Circuits Lab

Analog Communication Lab

Analog Communication Lab 1

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