Future Recall 2017

Alumni: Our Ambassadors and an Integral Part of Institute Identity

“So long as we learn it doesn’t matter who teaches us, does it?” – E.R. Braithwaite, To Sir, With Love When we look at a successful student, we know the Institute and its faculty have done a good job of educating them. That’s why they are our ambassadors…because they have learnt and transformed their learning […]

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Emerging Job Opportunities in Healthcare

Emerging Job Opportunities in Healthcare Administration Can Be a Lucrative Career Destination for Hospital Management Professionals On the surface, healthcare industry seems to be driven by doctors, nurses, and a specialized team of clinical technical experts. However, with a deeper look one can see that this industry needs much more to deliver quality care to […]

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Engineering Career

Why Core Engineering Branches Are Still in Demand

Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Chemical are still considered as the core subjects in engineering. A brief look at the evolution of engineering will tell us why it is so.   The existence of engineering can be traced back to prehistoric human inventions of basic tools, objects and machines like wheels and pulleys. These inventions came […]

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Top Career MBA

Top 3 Reasons Why MBA Is a Stepping Stone to Build a Corporate Career

Top 3 Reasons Why MBA Is a Stepping Stone to Build a Corporate Career Some of the most inspirational and exemplary business entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani, Li-Ka-Ching, Larry Ellison, Jan Koum among others have made their mark in the history of entrepreneurship with their vision, acumen, determination, spirit and attitude. None of these men were […]

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Role of Modern Journalists

How Facebook Live Broadcast is Changing the Role of Modern Journalists

It is perceived that the launch of Facebook Live since January 2017 has simultaneously led to the massive democratization and devaluation of conventional reporting and broadcasting news in the modern era. Since times immemorial, journalists were the gatekeepers of information playing the middleman between public and policymakers. The news went through a series of filters, […]

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Today, Team Future’s excellence spans across education, publishing and healthcare verticals with a group net worth of over 100 crores. The Team continues to strive towards using the best resources available to achieve inclusive learning and innovations.

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