Alumni: Our Ambassadors and an Integral Part of Institute Identity

“So long as we learn it doesn’t matter who teaches us, does it?”
– E.R. Braithwaite, To Sir, With Love

When we look at a successful student, we know the Institute and its faculty have done a good job of educating them. That’s why they are our ambassadors…because they have learnt and transformed their learning into a successful career. Wherever our alumni go, they represent the legacy of their learning and create their signature statement. The world perceives their teachers and their institution through them. This insight echoes in the words of Puja Sarkar, now working with PwC – “What I am today is largely because of the education and culture I imbibed from the FBS faculty members”

In fact, an alumni community can not only create their own success but also are the harbingers of generations of future students. They are the ones who can drive the institute’s name beyond geographical and cultural boundaries to the industry and the employers. This is the way they create future employment opportunities not only for themselves but also for their juniors.

Students join a college with a truckload of expectations, lofty dreams, ideals and enthusiasm. From this world of fantasy, it is sometimes difficult to understand why their teachers are fussing over mundane things like attendance, routine, session plan, code of conduct, discipline and so on. Of course, they don’t relate initially but they obey, they respect, learn, practice, imbibe and grow with these attributes, concepts and values unconditionally. It all makes sense later, when they step into the corporate world…everything learnt by them willingly or otherwise contribute to their success.

As Ayesha Das, now a SAP Consultant working with OXC Techologies, recalls “Each and every day of my college life was special…attending classes, maintaining attendance, delicious food-shops, happening college canteen and our Professors…they all combine to create the best and most memorable experiences of my college days”

On the one hand, there is the regimen of attending relentless class lectures, seminars and workshops, mind-boggling case-studies, grilling communication classes. On the other, preparing innumerable presentations, corporate projects, rigorous internship tenure, career advancement grooming drills. All were part of their training that equipped them with multi-dimensional professional skills.

This was not all…classes, lectures, training sessions were not the only agenda of their student life. They have passionately and proactively led and engaged in college fests, cultural and creative events. They also participated in competitions, sports and breathed life into the campus with their talent, zeal and all-round leadership initiatives.

When we look back, we are awed by their hard-work, dedication and passion. It has been an amazing journey with them which we wanted to revive in spite of their moving on. That’s been one of the predominant motivators for reconnecting with our FIEM-MBA Alumni community with Future Recall 2017. We wanted to celebrate their success, to revive our bonding, to exchange thoughts and ideas and above all have a little bit of fun and joy after all this long haul and tough grind.

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